3-D Seismic around Shiner

I just received a seismic permit from Seitel Data, with an office address out of Hallettsville, for our place just on the outskirts of the townsite of Shiner to the south/southwest in the Byrd Lockhart League. Anyone else receive anything in this neck of the woods?

I received the same request from the same company for my place in Moravia, Texas.

Kim, check out their website, www.seitel.com, it’s very user friendly & you can check out the areas that they’re planning on conducting 3-D seismic surveys.


Many folks have been discussing Seitel on the Fayette County forum here on this site.

Folks in South Fayette and North Lavaca counties have been contacted by Seitel.

It's a personal choice whether to let them on your property but main consensus seems to be to make sure there is no conflict with the particular O&G company that holds your lease, if you are leased that is.