3-D geophysical survey

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I have recently been contacted by a contractor company that wants to do 3D geophysical survey on my property. I do not own the minerals, just surface on this particular piece of property. It is located in Garvin County southern Oklahoma. They have offered 10.00 per acre but that seems quite low to me. Also, not sure if a 3D geophysical survey is the same as a seismic survey or not. Any comments or advice would be GREATLY appreciated.

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Mary H.

Pauls Valley OK

That was the rate I got in SE Wyoming last year for the same type of survey. They collected the data using wireless transmitters and used what I call "thumper trucks" that left some minor depressions in the pasture, but no lasting damage. They spent about 1 day installing the transmitters and then 2 days with the trucks on my 320 acres. They were very accommodating and made certain to address my concerns with gates and avoiding improvements.

First of all, you need to find out what kind of survey they want to conduct. Different types surveys entail different operations, and depending what you have on your surface, i.e., improved pastures or valuable trees, additional damages may have to be negotiated. There are many things one has to consider before signing. Also, Oklahoma may have different permit laws than Texas, ex., the mineral estate is the dominant estate in Texas and can conduct its operations on the surface without your consent.

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