3-D Geophysical survey

Is this 3-D geophys survey the same as seismographing? Do the geophys crews still use vibratory trucks & run microphone-type cables up the roads? Is there any real damage to property when this survey is done? Is there a customary or acceptable rate/acre for surface damages due to the survey?

Their equipment is massive and can do serious damage if the machines are moved on wet ground. If the crews refrain from moving the equipment when it is wet, no problems are likely

They did some just off of Yost Rd & it appears that they put sensor boxes every so many feet. I never saw any wires laid out. We were offered $10/acre & so were a few friends in the area. After checking with (Civil) engineers familiar with it, we signed the permit. Unless you have a whole section, they can get quite a bit of the data they want just by running it along the property line of the neighbor who lets them in. They are selling the info to the o/g companies interested in drilling, so it may make them offer more to lease your minerals if it looks promising.