3-7N-3W McClain County

3-7N-3W McClain County - The state of OK has unclaimed funds in our grandmothers name. The state wants me to prove she had title to this mineral interest. The operator is now Veenker and I have asked if they have the title but I have not received a reply. The well is named “Lawanda 1-3” which is quite old. I have looked on the OCC website but cannot find an original pooling order. Chesapeake provided me with the order number 223243 and cause 96097. The companies that turned over royalties were Anson, Chesapeake and Veenker. A landman in McClain said he would research it for me but he went AWOL and would not reply to our emails or phone calls after he said he would do it. How do I find the original pooling order and find someone to research it for us for a reasonable fee?

The LAWANDA 1-3 was completed July 13, 1983. API 35-087-20864. Original Owner An-Son Corporation 80 ac spacing in Osborn and Hart sands. W2 of SE4 standup spacing. Pooling order 223243 W2 SE4 3-7N-3W.pdf (211.9 KB) The respondents were not listed since it was so old.

If you go on the OCC well records sitehttp://imaging.occeweb.com/imaging/OGWellRecords.aspx and type in 0307N03W, you can find the well and all the 1073 transfer orders.

You might also try her name on the www.okcountyrecords.com website. Not sure if it goes back that far digitally.

Ask the Veenjer Resources Division Order Analyst for the paragraph of the title opinion that goes with her name. They bought it from Chesapeake, so it may take some time to find it in the files.

Martha is correct, the online records for McClain County only go back to 1993 Search that county here. Therefore, a trip to the courthouse is required to examine the index books. This usually is not difficult but does take time. Do you have an idea regarding how many acres are in play?

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