29-16N-16W Pooling Information

I would appreciate any information on a Pooling Order by XTO in 29-16-16 that was in a 1-10-2019 report.

You can find the pooling order for case 201808118 Order 689510 at the OCC OAP website location. OAP . Type 201808118 into the Case # box and you can see all the public filings regarding the case. The exhibits are quite useful to download. Has the AFE of the pending well. The order was signed January 10, so you only have 20 calendar days in which to answer.

Martha! You wonderfully answered my query above and I seriously appreciate your time and expertise. If possible, I would like a lesson on how you learned the case and order numbers. That information would help me and I’m sure many others in the future. Thank you so much!

I use a subscription service because I use a MAC and the OCC software is so old, they are not very compatible. I just gave up. PC folks seem to have more luck using the search engine. I don’t use Explorer and the software is designed for that engine.
If folks need help and if I have time, I can look the numbers up for them quickly.

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