28 T14N-R19W Any activity?

Wondering if anyone knows or any activity in the area of 28 T14N-R19W. Have mineral right to an abandoned well and some acres. Thanks in advance.

There is some pending activity in sections 2 and 10. Nothing in your section at this time.

Do you have a link to a website that shows permits or active wells? Thanks!

The Oklahoma Corporation Commission has a link to all wells in OK. You can use their GIS system. Be extremely patient with it…

You can search for wells by their surface location in the OCC well records link. If you want permits, that is Form 1000. That does not guarantee “actively drilling”. You can search for form 1001A for the spud date. 1002A is completion.



Thank you. Trying to figure out if the section I had mentioned had any activity or interest at all.