26-1S-4W and 28-1S-4W


Any lease bonus and royalty information for these two Sections? They are about to Pool Section 26-1S-4W OCC Cause CD No. 201805155 and I am getting offers to lease before I am Force Pooled. I am curious what are the lease bonuses paid in this area?


The best and closest comps to your property are: $5000/nma for 18.75% from TODCO, or if you’d prefer a higher royalty, there’s one on sec. 26 for $502 for 25% from Cheyenne. Some other notable names are Echo Energy, Jones Energy, and Camino a little further NW of you.


I am new to this forum and seeking guidance in evaluating what I believe to be non-participating royalty interests held by my family under instruments created in the 1940s. I have received an offer for mineral interest in section 23-O1S-O4W, but what we have is not mineral interests. I have received notice of Black Mesa Production, LLC’s Application for 320-acre spacing and horizontal drilling in Sections 14 and 15-O1S-O4W. So, whatever interest we own occurs in those three sections. From what I know about acquisitions of interests made more or less contemporaneously with the Stephens County holding, I suspect that the non-participating royalty is relatively small but may extend to a large area in O1S-O4W. I am in Mississippi. What I think I need for starters is a reference to a competent land man who could spend a day in the courthouse to see if it is worth bringing whatever we have into the 21st Century. Suggestions?

R. David Sanders (601) 672-7423


An NPRI is a part of the mineral estate and therefore considered a mineral interest. It’s just been stripped of the executive, bonus, rental and development rights. Either way, you still have a lot a value with it being the royalty portion of the minerals.

If you have trouble finding a landman, you can try to piece together the chain of title online with okcountyrecords.com. It’s a relatively cheap alternative.


I worked with Eric Cox (405) 413-4696 (ericcox.landman@yahoo.com). He is a hard worker for his customers. There are others also good but could start with Eric.


Thanks for the tips. I have someone looking at the title now.


I would reach out to these guys: