I own a number of interests in Creek County and am approached frequently about leases and more recently the sale of mineral interests. Usually, sale letters are vague listing the mineral interest in question and a the name of the landman to contact if interested. More recently I have gotten an offer for nearly $1000.00 an acre for purchase of my mineral interest in 26-17-9e. While I'm not motivated to sell, this new aggressive tactic makes me wonder what is going on in this tract. My interest is under lease to Viper...;but I'm wondering if anybody knows what's happening.


We have had offers to lease “everything” in Creek County but have not yet been approached with an offer to purchase. Personally, I would never consider selling my interest.

Horizontal drilling is moving into the area. These offers are from speculators and will not give you the best value for your acreage. (Not that I would ever sell mine.)