2516N10W, Blaine County, OK


The Opelousas was completed in May of 2016, after about 1 year the production went down by about 80%. Is this normal? What might of caused this to happen . I know the well was shut down for a while because of neighboring fracking. Since then the production has been way down. Any input on this would be appreciated.


Oppel well , 25 16N 10W


From what little data I can see, it looks like it was shut in for part of Sept - Nov and came back online in Dec 2017 and was increasing for Jan and Feb. The Feb number was in line with about what it should have been if they had not shut it in. Do you have any more recent totals? The OTC site is not up to date on it.


it feels like/seems like the offset wells are taking longer to come back to pre-shut-in production lately. Might be pressure issues with new wells knocking off older wells (eventually everything will balance out).

But the lack of current gas production makes it difficult for real insight.