25-2s-19w Phillips County KS

Hi, Has anyone receive court documents regarding this property. Seems like someone has filed a 'Petition to Partition"?? Having a lawyer look at it now, but he is only licensed in CO not KS, no word from him yet. From my simplistic understanding (I’m not a lawyer), it appears like they want the courts to determine the split and if they can’t or won’t, they want them to find a fair market value and have a someone buy it as a whole??? We have 30 days to respond. Also, the known owners would have to pay the cost of this. Oh and by the way, the person who filed the petition is the surface owner and owns 1/2 of the mineral rights.

Anyway, that is my interpretation until we get legal opinion.

Does anyone have any input on this?

Thanks, Van Representing Deaner & Co.

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