I have 10 acres of minerals. I am trying to understand the potential future production in this area. The well was drilled in 2011 and production has dropped off quite a bit over the last 5 years. What is the typical production life of well in this area.

I have been told that if the mineral deposits will support it, this section can have a maximum of 8 wells. Do I use the production of the current well and multiply that times 8 to get an estimate of max possible?

The highest offer I have received so far is $9500 per mineral acre. What would be a reasonable expectation of a good price for this section?

I am going to assume that the well is horizontal. There are some predictions that the wells can last 25-30 years although at low rates. The majority of the production is in the first five years.

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Was this offer to lease or buy?

A buy