Our family has a few acres open for lease is section 23-15-11. The Chapman well started producing in May 2017 but by mistake Marathon did not pool this 8 acres and has yet to clear things up with us and I am tried of this dance with them. I was wondering if anyone was interested in leasing this or could help, I am getting nowhere with Marathon and they keep on dragging there feet with this matter.

Maybe you need to hire a landman to get something done. We've been going through problems for many month's with Linn Energy. These oil companies have no motivation to do anything for mineral owners in my opinion. Now we find that our very low royalty checks are likely because adjacent wells are draining our wells/pool so we're not getting the royalties we should be getting which also hurts the value of our minerals since we are looking to sell. Unfortunately in our case the only solution would probably be to go to court which is like David battling Goliath and just not affordable. I hope that you can get some good advice and get your situation rectified. I know what you mean about getting tired, it can really wear a person down to the point where we just want to get it over with.

Good luck, John

Their home page says they own minerals in Oklahoma.