Anyone else suddenly getting offers for this parcel?


Its heating up around here so this is not suprising.


Thanks. I live in Texas, inherited mineral rights from my parents, who grew up in McAlester. I never know anything…


Yep! And 14-4N-12E as well. Company called 31 Energy.


Sure would be nice if you gauge (go to) the site and weekly gauge your wells. I do this on two wells to keep the operator honest .Three months ago, I caught one hauling out, as saltwater, a truck of oil.


Majesta, is the offer to buy or lease? Big difference.

XTO force pooled Section 22 in 2010 for $500 at 3/16ths royalty.

In 2008 they had force pooled Section 23 for $4,000 and a 1/5th royalty.
Timing is everything, and location, location, location.