22-11N-7W & 24-11N-7W Canadian Co

Does anyone know what all the activity and drilling on these 2 sections is all about ? 2 HUGE pads the North end of sec 22, and 1 HUGE pad the South end of sec 24. 2 very busy sections !! How many wells, what formations ? Any information is appreciated !!

Roan has about 10 wells going from two pad on the north side of section 24 and going south into 27 and possible 34 for 20 of the wells. Looks like a pad on the north side of 34 with at least one well going north into 22. Silver Charm and Red bullet wells. Cowboy from 34.

Chaparral has a pad in the SW corner of 24, short wells into 24 only. if there is a new pad more in the SE corner it would not surprise me. Everest wells from 2017. Don’t see any new permits yet.

Hi, I have royalties in 23 and 24. Is drilling into 27 from 24 really a possibility?

Technically, yes, it is done all the time for those lengths. The operator may spud a well on the northern edge of one section and make the turn to horizontal as it drills north into the next section. That way the two horizontal sections can have the maximum perforations without wasting space on unperforated parts of the well. The mineral acres in the surface location section do not get paid royalties since there are no perforations in that section.
In your case, 27 is catty corner to 24, so not very likely to go that way. You could have a location in the far SE corner of 27 and have it go east into 26 and then north into 23.

Chaparral has already drilled one section wells in 24 on the west side. They might drill from the south edge of 12 into 13 and then into 24. Or the other way might be a possibility drilling from the north edge of 36 into 25 and 24. However. Marathon holds those section and has already drilled from 25 south into 36, so they would probably continue that trend.