21-T17N-R5 activity

Hello. I have about 148 acres of mineral rights in Kingfisher county and have recently received a few offers that I'm looking into and considering. However, the sudden interest has led me to wonder if there is anything special happening in this area or if they're just trying to consolidate or something. If companies are so eager to buy it feels like they must have found something. Is there anything special to note beyond the fracking that has been increasing production recently?

my guess is that it's due to your proximity to Alta Mesa's density tests next door in 17N 6W. Not anywhere close to as much activity planned for 2018 in 6w as in 5W. I was looking at doc stamps in 17N 6W earlier today, and I saw values ranging from $3k-$10k per acre for HBP'd minerals at 3/16ths or a 1/5th royalty.

I'm guessing you've got speculators knocking on your door. You'll probably get another well drilled on you besides the one you already have, but it'll likely be a while. How much have you been offered, and what is your royalty rate?


Thanks for the reply! After some back and forth, we currently have an active offer for $5k/acre. Recently, the amount received monthly is about $2k-$4k which is a jump from what it was before the fracking.

I sent you a friend request, might check your messages. Have you decided if you are going to sell all of it? If you were one township west, I'd advise you to keep some held back in case the activity comes your way. But $5,000 x 148 is a very big number, you might be able to invest that over the next 5-10 years and do better than if you waited to see if the density drilling comes your way.