2022 Production

Has anyone else noticed production on their active wells being markedly down in May vs April? Seems to be across the board for us, all over Oklahoma and even in Texas.

A well will never make more tomorrow than it did today. It’s called depletion.

It will if the price goes up, which it has substantially on all of our wells. In April, though the prices were up, production dropped on too many wells in too many places to be a coincidence. Just wondering what might have caused it.

I’m talking hydrocarbons not dollars. Drop in production is normal. Many times wells are shut in for fracking operations on offset wells. Another straw in the soda depletes the soda faster.

I’m also talking hydrocarbons. On my statements, I compared May production to April production on almost 80 wells. All but one were down by at least 50% from the previous month…and none are shut-in or part of units where new wells are going in, and none are the type wells where production fluctuates greatly. The price went up, reported production went down.

I notice some fluctuation usually can be traced to how many of days production in the cycle. I have no idea why, but guess pump breakdowns and repairs maybe, even periodic maintenance.

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