2021 Oil and Gas Leases Latimer County

I have 40 acres with minerals in Latimer County. The last lease was back in 2007 by the previous owner. I’ve noticed there have been some recent leases signed in Latimer. Does anyone have some insight into future leases?

Nearby Well Information 3507721766 Name MCFERRAN UNIT 3507721322 Name MOSMAN

Section 01-06N-20E Red Oak, OK 74563

There has been no leasing in 6N-20E township in the last 999 days. Many of the sections have producing wells which are holding the sections.

For Latimer as a whole, there have been 170 instruments recorded in the last 999 days. Most are in the northern half of the county. Most of the 2021 leases are in 3N-20E.

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