2 New Permits to Drill 31-07N-06W


FYI… 2 new permits to drill have been approved for 31-07N-06W:

Phelps 1-31-30-19XHS 1/17/19 Kathryn 2-31-6XHS 1/17/19


It looks like these first 2 permits are just the start of Continental’s row 2&3 Springboard move into sections 31/30/19-7N-6W and 6-6N-6W. The map attached to their (3) 12/18/18 multiunit relief requests for section 31 shows 3 new wells drilling north into 30 & 19 (the Kathryn2 is not shown on the map). The increased density requests read as though there are plans for 5 lower Springer wells to be spaced E to W across the section.

The 1st 2 permits (Phelps & Kathryn2) show to be drilling from the same surface location in 31-7N-6W (NE SE NW SW); Phelps to the north into 30 & 19 and Kathryn to the south into 6-6N-7W.


Almost ready to punch a couple of holes! Phelps to the north into 30 & 19 and Kathryn to the south into 6-6N-6W.


How does one know if these might be Injection wells, and not for actual production?


The permits indicate their usage. These are for production. Phelps for the Springer. Kathryn to the Spinger and Goddard. You can find the permits on the OCC well records site. Use leading zeros in the legal location box. 3107N06W



Don - Thanks for the picture! I had heard the rig was up but not being there, you just don’t know for sure. No notification of well spud filed yet for either the Phelps or the Kathryn but would now expect to see one of them filed soon. Thx again for the boots on the ground.


Permits for those two only filed on Jan 17, so spuds may be pending.


I can’t remember if they raised the rig mast on Tuesday or Wednesday. Won’t be long till they start drilling.


Notifications of Well Spud scanned today (1/29) for both the Phelps (spud 1/24) and the Kathryn (spud 1/26)… one location, one rig, 2 spud reports at the same time?


I have seen that happening more and more frequently… one location, one rig, 2 spud reports just a few days apart. Apache, Continental and Marathon wells are the ones I have noticed.


I assume that even though the 2 wells are reported as having been spud, that there is only one active well bore per rig; that they will complete the drilling process on one well before they move over & start the 2nd (that the 2 wells will be drilled sequentially rather than simultaneously). Is that true or can today’s advanced rigs actively drill 2 wells at the same time?


For these multi-well pads, they are using “spudder rigs” to drill & set the surface casing for each well. Then the big rig is brought in to drill to total depth. When one well is drilled to total depth, they skid the rig over the next hold & drill it, etc.

Todd M. Baker


Thx Todd. I appreciate the feedback… makes more sense now.


I have been offered a lease for my interests in NE/4 SW4 Sec. 31-9N-5W. The offer is $2,750-3-yer-1/5. I think the bonus may be too low. Do you know what the offers are for this section?


That section was pooled for $5400 3/6 $5300 1/5 $1000 22% $0 1/4 in May 2018. I would tell them that is your starting point and see what happens.


Thank you very much. I thought maybe the offer was a bit low for everything I have been reading about this section.



Newfield Exploration pooled this section on 5/31/2018. Terms were $5500 & 1/8; $5400 & 3/16; $5300 & 1/5; $1000 & 22% or No cash & 1/4th. You might see if you were a party to that pooling. Who is making you the offer?

Todd M. Baker


Thank you for this information. The offer came from a broker, Spring Energy LLC. I think they want an interest in this section and then flip it, maybe. We have not received a pooling agreement from Newfield for this section or anything in Grady. However, I am familiar with them because we have several producing wells in other counties and I think they are good operators. I did not accept his offer. Because my nam are very small, I counter offered for no bonus and 1/4 royalty. I also declined the options. Don’t know it that’s a good offer. I’m new to all this and learning.


FYI, just saw where an interim 1yr approval was granted for increased density in 30-07N06W. This formally opens the door for a 5 well row 2-3 Springboard play from 31-07N06W north into 30 & 19.

Question: for the 2 wells currently permitted and spud in 31-07N06W (Phelps and Kathryn2), is there a way to know which one is currently being drilled (they were spud 2 days apart, they share the same surface location, and the rig is up… which one is being drilled)?


2+2=4… 2 more new permits to drill approved this week in 31-07N06W. That’s 4 permits approved in that section in the last 3 weeks. Same as with the 1st 2 wells, the second 2 wells:

  • share a common surface location (but are on the far east side of 31 vs. the far west side)
  • they too are named Phelps & Kathryn (Phelps 3-31-30-19XHS going north from 31 through 30 and into 19 and Kathryn 4-31-6XHS going south from 31 into 6-6N6W)
  • all 4 are Springer or Springer+Goddard wells as part of Continental’s row 2-3 Springboard play

Still don’t know how to determine which of the 2 wells is being drilled first when both are spud and share a common surface location.