1S 4W in Sections 15, 22 and 27


Last Summer and early Fall I received copies of (what appeared to be) Corporation Commission applications to drill in Stephens Co by 89 Energy, LLC and Eneco, LLC. The legal descriptions included S15-1S-4W, S22-1S-4W and S27-1S-4W and my late mother and grandmother were listed as interested persons along with several hundred other names.

I recently inherited my OK mineral property from my mom but, even though she kept organized records and inventories, there is no indication that she (or her parents) ever owned property in Stephens Co. Most of their property was in Carter Co.

I guess my question is how far I should investigate this. Some people have advised me to hire an attorney to comb through the Co Clerk records (I live in Tennessee) while others have told me that the list of interested persons may just be a broad sweep of OK mineral owners and not necessarily relevant to this application.

I should also mention that quite a few offers to buy my (theoretical) Stephens Co rights have been sent to me over the past few months but I have a feeling that it all stems from those applications.

Thanks for any advice or even just a mention that you have also received similar documents.




Carlos, here is one place to look. There’s a couple more I will try and copy over one at a time.









Carlos, those sites are pretty easy to use. The OTC PORTAL has a variety of ways to look for information.
I just played with it trying different search criteria until I found what I was looking for. John Morgan



Carlos, it must not be very Theorical or Offers to buy would not have been received. As has been noted here before, First Offers are Low.

I would not sell if it wasn’t necessary or could be avoided.

If someone offered me several hundred thousand dollars, it would be a consideration I’d really think about.

Then I’d wonder what do they know that I Don’t ?

And there’s the consideration about Not Selling , so your children and Grandchildren would have an Inheritance. And when selling, TAXES can make a Big Dent in what SEEMS LIKE a LOT OF MONEY. John



https://unclaimedproperty.delaware.gov/app/claim-search Carlos; ONE more place to look.

And remember each State has a Missing Money Site you can search. John



Carlos; Here’s one more place to look ,


Found your name in Carter County; and, some names in Stephen’s County but only you would recognize possible family members.


Is the Main address site to Search in MOST Oklahoma Counties. John



Many thanks John

I will take a look at these resources

I also agree with your views on selling mineral rights but am very interested to know if these particular rights (in Stephens Co) even exist :slightly_smiling_face:




You can also ask folks that are making offers about the title chain that they think you have. Ask for the person(s) in the chain above your mom and grandmother and look them up as well. They probably have a reason to be contacting you.




While my Knowledge and Experience are Limited, Someone who has researched some records has decided those papers needed to be mailed to you from the OCC.

Recently, I have been trying to find out about some inherented Minerals.
I went to the Courthouse and looked at the Records, but didn’t recognize any names. Their Computer Database only goes back ~ 20 Years so a Records search was necessary, which seems to vary from Courthouse to Courthouse. I, didn’t go to The Stephen’s County Courthouse in Duncan, this time, but have been there before. I, called the Oil Company which is Continental in this case. They would not tell me very much. After I told her the name in question , she acknowledged it was on the list. When I asked how did this come to be Inherented she stated she could not say, but an Attorney who did the Title Opinion had decided accordingly. Who’s the Attorney, I asked ? Can’t tell you was the Reply.

Someone here on this Forum will likely Know more.




I am inquiring on behalf of several persons who own interests in sections 23,15,and 14 in T1SR4W and may own interests in other sections of the 1S4W Township. Where can I get a hard-copy map at readable scale of the 36 Sections of the Township showing current activity – production, drilling, leasing – or known or likely plans for future activity?



The OCC has a mapping link, but pretty slow to use.
I think Baker Hughes has a drilling rigs link, but I haven’t used it in a long time.

Here is a base map copy of Stephens where you can read the sections.
Stephens County Map.pdf (391.8 KB)

Maps like you want do exist, but you usually have to have a subscription to Drilling Info. Pangaea has the data, but not a map.