19Township 16N 11w

Any info on when this area is expecting anything?We leased 2 years ago and have not heard a single word from Meadows oil.

Highmark had a spacing hearing for the section in March 2017. It was approved 201604184 Order 661718. They had a pooling pending from 2016 but it was just dismissed in March 2018. 201604187 . Order 674341

Continental also had a pooling pending from 2017. It was just dismissed in Jan 2018. 201701683 Order 671653

They had a spacing hearing from 2017. It was dismissed Dec 2017. 201701682 . Order 671589. I see your name on the respondents list, but they have it there twice. Once is misspelled. You might want to contact the attorney on the case and make the correction.

Thank you M Barnes.Still not sure if this means someone will eventually drill ? But I do appreciate all your info as I was not aware of these orders.Again,Thank you.