1970's Salt Water Disposal Well (non commerical)


I was wondering if anyone knew what was required to permit or convert a well to a non commercial disposal well in the early to mid 70’s. I know there were some regulatory changes in or around 1982 and later years. Was there a permit process? Application required, etc?


I don’t know the entire process. I’ve only stumbled onto some of the forms and have some wells this has happened to.
Look at the OCC for 1015, 1015SI, and 1015T. I think that covers most examples I can think of.

Here are a couple of wells that have been converted, the first looks like in 1997. 3513711712 3501902735
You can pull those documents here: Test Drop the preceeding 35.


Thank you for the information.


Rick do you happen to know what was the process for a SWD in and around 1976-78 time frame?