1945 GLO Map

Hi, Everyone. I am posting the link below for all to use. It's been very helpful to me. I hope this helps others. I've had people ask me where the Interstate is. The Interstate wasn't around in 1945. I use this map on my phone all the time but have to export it to a program/app called "Fast Image Viewer" in order to see the individual blocks and sections. I had a graphics company print it out for me and they had to print it in halves because of its size. It's also over eight feet tall. Enjoy. Linton


Linton Tomlin,

That map link you shared with us is Great!
Thanks so much for sharing it. The resolution is excellent!



You're sure welcome, Will. It has helped me tremendously for several years. Now if we can just get some easy way (software) to track small amounts of minerals like I have, inexpensively, that would be great!! Linton

Great map Linton

Super. Glad you've found it useful! Linton