1945 GLO Map of Reeves County, Texas

If you have trouble viewing this on your phone after downloading it, get an app called Fast Image Viewer and that will enable you to see the detail very well. Linton


That is a handy map to have! Thanks for posting. I am moving it over to Reeves County.

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I think there is already a link in the Reeves County section. Would you mind just posting another link there, if you want, but leaving it in the general so others can see it? Thanks. Linton

Thank you this is great!!!

Not sure I can go backward, but will put a note in General that it is is Reeves. General is for the whole country.

Could someone put a link here?

Thank you. I’ll try that. I have a magnifier I can try, too

Thanks! I’m going to take a stab and locating my interest - I’ll let you know if I need help. Where did you get this map? I’m wondering where I can find similar maps of two other counties.

Brenda use this link for Linton Tomlin’s map…


Use this link to RRC Public GIS Viewer Mapping System…


Use this link to Texas GLO(General Land Office) Mapping System…


Clint Liles

Hello Danna…If I can assist you let me know.

Clint Liles

Clint_Liles - Long time no see! I back to researching and learning again. Thanks for all your help a few years back.

I got the file from a friend and I took it to a graphics place and had it printed. But it’s so large, they didn’t have any paper to print it on wide enough. So I had them crop the thing in two and print each half separately. It was not cheap. Sadly, it has faded somewhat, so I don’t know how much longer I’ll have the physical one up on the wall. But I use the one on my phone all the time. People are always looking for this map but I have a hard time getting it spread around. For your other question, Midland Map Company has a lot of maps, and different kinds of maps, of counties in the State of Texas. Their website is kind of hard to get around, but they have a lot to offer. If you find something you want, they ship fast and they have nice maps. That photo of Reeves I posted in the pics has a map of Ward County and that map came from Midland Map Co. Linton

Thanks, Clint, you RAWK!! Linton

Thanks for posting this! Makes it far easier to locate properties than the GIS maps!

You’re sure welcome, RBHaigh; I’m glad you like it and it is of some benefit to you. I use it all the time. It’s old, but it still works. Linton

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