19 9n 4w McClain


Any information on activity in this section. Been getting offers to buy $7500 for 3/16. Have an old lease HBP with Crawley operating.

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19 9n 4w McClain

Roan Resources just filed a bunch of OCC cases for new horizontal well in 19. That is why you are getting offers. This is the first of what “could” be many wells in the future. I am holding onto all my acreage in that township.

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Thanks for information. Guess we will see what happens.



Is the offer of $7500 for a lease/royalty per acre, or $7500 per acre to buy your mineral acres. Sorry to be so dense on this. Thanks.



That was a purchase offer assuming 3/16 royalty.


Tom, we have visited in the distant past about oil production in 19 9n 4w. We have existing production with Crawley too. Do you have any information on the Roan project? I was up at my place last summer when the drilling was on going, but have not heard a word about status of production. We get offers to buy our royalty interests, but my repeated attempts to get any specific info from Roan has not been successful. Just wondering what was going on


Test You can watch the progress of the Duke 19-9-4 1H from the OCC well records site. Look it up from 2409N05W since that is where the surface location is.

Gross Production The well has been in pay status since 12/6/18, so you will probably get a Division Order in May or so and a check in June.



Good to hear from you. Looks like Martha was kind enough to answer your question. It was news to me as well. I had expected a well but did not realize the surface hole was in the section to the west. With Martha’s information you can go to the OCC well records and find it. No completion data yet. Probably in next couple months. You may be able to see production data in the Okla tax commission site but this generally runs at least four months behind so if well went into pay status on Dec 1 it will probably be April before you can start seeing production. Paula sends her best to Threcia.


Thank you for the prompt response and information. I tried [last night] navigating the OCC website but had no success, you are dealing with someone who is still in awe of electricity and blessed with limited IT skills. Based on your and Tom”s comments I assume there is no production numbers available at this time. I do appreciate the time line up date -thanks again!


Tom good to hear from you, I hope you and Paula are doing well. Hopefully we will see some production numbers in the near future. Please let me know if you hear anything. I will do the same. Take care


Fyi looks like sales for Dec and Jan for Duke 199n4w are posted to the Gross Production tax site. On avg sales were about 600 bpd. No gas posted yet. Dont know if they have sold and not yet posted or are flaring the gas.


Tom, thanks for the update. I am having a difficult time navigating the OCC website so I appreciate any production figures you have. As far as the gas, I know EOG Resources has been constructing pipelines to the well site. They have approached us about right of way in the near past, but it appears they are having difficulties getting all landowners on board for the project.


I am an heir of the following: the south 19.79 acres of Lot 2, all of Lot 3, and the NE 10 acres of Lot 4 all located in Section 19-9N-4W. I am lost and trying to find out more details. Can you help?


Bob-it will help you get more useful answers if you list the details you are interested in knowing. What are your goals?


I am the trustee of my mother’s estate. I have to divide any income received. I want to be sure that I submit the correct documents to Roan Resources to be included in the division order. I just want to be sure that I am going the right direction on all of this. I had many offers for our portion but have declined and will continue to do so. Thanks for your input, Bob.


Are you the trustee or a trust or the executor of the estate? The answer makes a difference. Ask Roan what they need.


I am the trustee of the trust.


Most likely, they will pay the trust directly and then you pay the distributions to the members. One of our forum attorneys can pop in and reply. You still need to talk to Roan.


That’s the way it would work. That’s what I am suppose to do. I am the only surviving son. I divide the income 7 ways. I will get in touch with Roan Monday. Thanks.


Need to review the Trust documents for its rules.

If you are to manage it (visit with an accountant to avoid unnecessary taxes) you will need to get an EIN from the taxing authorities to receive the funds. If you are to divide the the assets, the EIN can probably be avoided.