Would anyone happen to know if there is any activity in this location?

Rhonda...can you tell me the location as to what town or community this is close to? Going north of Lindsay into McClain County they have been drilling some wells along the highway 76 up to south of Blanchard. Just across the road from the Lindsay Golf Course (which I understand is in McClain Co. )they have drilled a new well and already worked on it a couple of times and have now put a pumping unit on it so I guess it didn't have enough gas to flow.

Newfield has had a location built about 12 miles north of Lindsay for some time (on the east side of the highway) and have the entry road blocked off with pipe racks. A friend of my husbands has some royalty there but I don't know the description of it. They are suppose to be drilling there (and already have the starter hole it looks like) so I don't know if they are just waiting on a rig or what. On the same side of the road a well was finished a few weeks ago but I don't know if it's been fracked or not yet. (That was 11 miles north of Lindsay and on the east side of the road). On the west side of the road a well was drilled and the rig taken down but it's still laying there (the rig) and has been for a couple of months now. I don't understand that as much as rigs are in demand. We've been able to see rigs dotted through the country side west of there toward Chickasha but I believe that to be Grady Co. That's about all I know about that area but I'll keep my eyes open because we travel that road often as our grandbabies live up that direction. Hope this helps!

I want to say its somewhere around the Dibble area...section 3 & 4.

The wells and locations that I told you about are just south of Dibble Corner about 3 or 4 miles but the town of Dibble is about 3 miles east of the corner. I really can't tell where sections 3 & 4 would be for sure. I don't believe there is as much work going on as far east as the town as there is from just east of Highway 76 (where the corner is and west to Chickasha. (but I guess that's mainly Grady Co. west of the highway). McClain Co. is shaped so oddly that it's hard to tell it apart from the others. Sorry, I can't really help you there.

It's a mile and 1/2 from the stop sign, there at Dibble corner, and located on the right side of the road. I spent a lot of time in Dibble as a child and really working from memory right now.

If it's a mile and 1/2 SOUTH of the stop sign there seems to be a lot of drilling going on there. I haven't heard how the wells are doing up there but I figure they must be doing well or they wouldn't be still there. I believe Newfield is just waiting on rigs in several locations in the SCOOP as they just applied for an extension for pooling on my mother in laws Section in Garvin Co. and listed as the reason "no availability of drilling rig".