1836 Royalty

Anyone dealt with 1836 Royalty?

It would help if you would give a state and county, plus legal description. Be more specific in your question. Are you talking about leasing, sales offer, or what?

It’s about a sales offer of a royalty interest from 1836 Royalty in Reeves County, Tx (Permian Basin).

Do you have any updates about your sales offer from 1836 Royalty in Reeves County, TX…?

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I generally like to torment the mineral interest chasers periodically to see which ones are better than others. I spoke with Justin Largent from 1836 Royalty Partners. We pumped each other for information, but he quickly realized I knew a lot more than he did relative to the value of the property. However, it’s very interesting to probe their operation and to see what kind of movement they will do on the phone. Generally speaking, he understood my position, but stated he wasn’t authorized for that kind of expenditure. Normally, they offer you 10 cents on the dollar or less for your mineral interest. Even though I said, I would not accept their offer since it was not even close to what I would accept. They eventually made me an offer after the phone call through the mail that was 25 cents on the dollar which was almost as much as OXY offered. However, my location has multiple benches and 50 cents on the dollar would be the point that I “might” consider selling. In reality, if you are in a good location you should never sell unless you have to for adverse financial reasons. With multiple benches and further refinement of horizontal and vertical spacing, the number of wells and ultimate recovery is much higher than you might think. All things being equal this outfit was better than most.

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