16 4n 8w?

Any activity going on in 16 4N 8W Grady County?

18 oil & gas leases since October 2013... Continental has 8 of them.

Thanks for the information. Do you have any idea of the going rate?

Carla, I do not. The last forced pooling in your township was for $250/acre with a 3/16th royalty. But it was a small company, so I would not even consider that amount. In the township north of you Continental paid $900/acre with a 3/16th royalty. With the success of some hoxbar formation wells north of you and Marathon drilling hoxbar formation wells just south of you in Stephens County, the lease rate for your area should be going up. This thing is still evolving... leases are 2-3 times or more the amount today than what they were just 9 months age in one of my areas. Good luck!

Thank you Don Bray! I have had one offer from Continental months ago but when I called the landman back, her phone was disconnected. So today I have phoned both Continental, Jackford Land and Delta Corp Energy (the original company contact). I was offered $500 3/16th back in Feb. I will keep you posted on what is going on.