156-96-6 West Capa


I have interest in Williams county 154-96-6. There are 4 producing wells that were IA all of 2019 while 2 new wells were completed. 2 of the original wells just switched to AB Status which I have not noticed before. The other 2 remain IA Status and the 2 new wells are active Status Will the wells that went to AB Status again become active or will they likely be shut down. All 4 of the original wells were producing pretty well and are not that old of wells Roxy 21X-6B (3310502581) this one went to AB Status Roxy 21X-6E (3310503285) this one went to AB Status Roxy 21X-6A (3310503286) this one remains IA Status Roxy 21X-6F (3310503287) this one remains IA Status

Thanks to anyone who has insight

Randy F

Hi there, Randy. AB means that they could be temporarily abandoned. I went and pulled the well files this morning for the above wells, and nothing suggests that won’t be brought back online at some point. My guess is that XTO doesn’t have a ton of infrastructure built out there so they are needing to shut-in the older wells to account for the flows on the newer ones.

David, thank you very much for your insight. Very much appreciate you taking the time to respond

God Bless


My pleasure. Always glad to help out fellow mineral owners.

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