14n. 10 west

What are offers coming in at for 14n 10w. Canadian county. I have received a nice offer but not sure if it is enough. 1/8 interest

There is a a LOT of increased density wells in 14N-10W hence the offers to buy. In my opinion, most all of the offers are low as they are hoping you don't know about the extra wells that are coming. Some sections have nine wells. The wells are predicted to last several decades, so consider your heirs.

Never considering all my minerals but putting a pencil to it takes a hell of a well plus a long span to make up the difference. Been my experience that the big production didn’t last very long. However the two new wells , maybe 4 to 7 years old now , production not half and these wells were fracked into. So u consider held by production. 1/8 interest, companies moving on to produce where leases are running out, it’s a dice game…

what is the advantage of a multi well unit?

Generally cheaper to drill and complete a multi unit well than to drill two single unit wells. Single unit wells are limited by OCC in how close they can drill to the edge of a township in order not to drain the other section. The multi-unit wells generally go north south and can gain hundreds of feet of perforations because the north-south border between the two sections are allowed to be perf'd.

Also, consider that over time, the technology is going to get better and better. These shale zones only produce at about a 4-7% recovery of what is in place now. There is lots of room for improvement. Yes, it does take a long time to produce these wells. I have some nearby that offers to buy at low rates for my 1/8th a few years ago. I have eight wells per section now and my value has far surpassed those low offers. They are predicted to last about 40 more years. That is a long time to get better techniques and go back and drill in between the wells I have now.

My latest offer was $26K/acre. Three new wells started production 9/2017 and the checks are coming in now. I'm not going to sell.