1456% increased tax appraisal?

ReevesCad appraisal recently received (protest by June 21) raised 1456.92%. we have 57.82 acres of State Classified land, Blk 55-7, not part of any producing unit. (one Apache gas well one section to the east). I am thinking the appraisal is base upon that well’s production. Talked to the Reeves CAD and they said they are using $600/acre as a basis for appraisals. Should I protest the whole thing and claim no change in value?

Apache declined to renew our lease this year.

Basically exact same thing happened to me…always good to protest…

May just challenge the whole thing since there is no production on our property. May at least cut it in half.

Was there production in 2020? One of our wells was appraised at in increase of 1400 percent, another 900 percent and a third 300 percent. The separate appraisal for the surface was about 900 percent increase to $500 (I think) per acre. They indicated “recent” sales activity of surface rights yielded such per acre and said they would provide some supporting documentation, but did not. I did notice that some “railroad” property to west of us had the higher appraisal in place for the previous two years, RCAD raised it this year and then adjusted back to the same as ours. So in our family’s neck of the woods, the surface rights increase does have some “support.”

No production on our property, though it had been leased for past 15 years. It does have some hwy frontage and a road was cut to access lease to east. Reeves CAD rep I talked to said that would not be factor, nor the fact that we sold caliche for drilling pad construction.

We are the middle 1/3 of A-3043 which is sw/4 of section 8 Blk 55-7. Frontage on Hwy 2903.

Hello, my appraisal is double of last year. In the 15 years I have owned the property. Nothing has ever been on it. I couldn’t sell it at the appraisal of 10,000.00 for 20 acres. How would I sell for 19,000.00 dollars? The only thing livable on it maybe cows or tumbleweeds.? I have the protest from,how would I word it to get my point across. Thank you William Sweeney.

Sorry this my property in Reeve’s county! The abstract # of block 7- section 14 is " A-3874". I own 20 acres in the E 1/2 of the NE1/4 OF NE 1/4 Section 14 ,block 7. Thank you William Sweeney

My property value increased 900% since 2016. Anyone know the beat way to protest this. I’m own Blk 51-8, tract 26 AB 2788 1/2 Thea section. Not sure of any land sales around me. Help!!

The taxes on that are nothing donf pay those people a dime. They are not the government and not legal taxing athority. Land in Texas has no taxes. If you’ve ever paid them go deed the property from your middle name to your first name then get a po box cut down your home mailbox. It may sound crazy but it will save you hassle. Put the after recording on the deed to North Korea and do the deed turn in clerk office.

Lawyers aren’t on your side. That’s just on tv. They are thefts and want to take what you have. I’m a total owner too

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