13 - 13n - 13w

I have mineral rights in this section, have been receiving royalties from Mustang for years. I noticed a recent court filing in Blaine County which seemed to indicate a new well or wells in this section. (Dated 8/28/17). Any word on this activity?

Have you started receiving any notices in the mail yet. It seems like it takes 6 to 8 months after the first notification before anything will happen. I have interest in 1 quarter they have been having hearings on for over a year and another hearing on it is scheduled in January.

You can track the status of the hearings on the OCC website. The documents are in the Imaged Documents area and you can watch the Docket list as well. Continental plans a horizontal well there.

201702837, 201702829, 201702830. Pooling will be soon. It will state when the well time frame must be, usually 180-365 days.

Read the latest investor presentations from Continental Resources to get an idea of what they are planning and where.

Paul, M Barnes, thanks so much for the feedback/information!

Paul, I have not received notices yet. Just ran across the court documents and became curious. :)

Mr. Horn:

Continental is ready to spud the HC FIU well that will comprise sections 12 & 13-13N-13W.

Mr. Baker:

Great to hear that, thanks for the info!

I have received inquiries on selling the rights. My interest was leased on a 3/16 royalty, on 14.7 net acres years ago. I have noticed a recent sale in 13n-13w at $11K per (around 9 months ago, January 2017), is that an outdated estimate at this point? Not sure if I want to sell, but interested in confirming current value just in case.

You are getting inquiries because at least one new well is planned in that section. It just spud in July, so you should be getting royalties in about six months. (That estimate is probably low at this point and out of date.)

Thank you so much for the info Ms. Barnes.