120 acres in logan co. What's it worth?

I just found out that 5 people in my family are joint owners of the following W/2 SE/4 of Section 4, Township 17 North, Range 4 west SE/4 SE/4 of Section 11, Township 17 North, Range 4 west

It looks to be tow pieces of land 80 and 40 acres each.

The landman has offered each of us $2,250 to sell.

so that is $11,250 total for 120 acres or $93 per acre, if I am doing this right?

Also would you sell it or lease it. None of us really need the 2250 desperately or anything.

Please advise. And Thanks in advance for your time.

Actually the landman says we just own 10 mineral right acres not 120. so that makes his offer 1125 per acre.

I moved this over to Logan Co, OK for you.

Hard to tell, often mineral purchasers have information that makes them believe the minerals are worth much more.

We have decided not to sell and are looking at hiring our own landman.

Thanks for your help

OMGooness. I have owned for 12 years roughly and guessing, one half of one fifth of one 16th of half of a quarter acre in Logan County, and I still average about 80 $s a month for the last 3 years, and still insist I will NEVER sell at any price. I keep thinking about what else could be down there or part of a long term grouping settlement like I am in now, for something we still know nothing about. (If this is a trap to get me to sell, I repeat, it will NOT work. I will never sell. Never. LOL