1099 not received

I signed a lease in 2011 and the company has not sent me a 1099 for it. In the last 5 weeks I have attempted to contact the company by phone and email, however I have not received a response from either. What should be my next step?



Contact the IRS, if your entity is not a corporation and they are a corporation and if the amount is over $600.00

I signed a lease in Dec 2009 and have not received a 1099 yet. I reported it on my tax return without the 1099

Sorry for not getting back sooner but thanks Mr. Cotten and also Ms Henderson for your responses.

For the benefit of anyone else not receiving a 1099-misc., I called the IRS regarding this matter. They told me, since the 1099-misc. is not required to be attached to your tax return, go ahead and report the amount on your return without the 1099. At a later date if the company sends you your 1099 and the amount differs from what you reported, file an amended return reflecting the correct amount.