100 NMA Near Tabor Available Minerals For Lease

Is there anyone currently leasing minerals in Brazos county?

Between my 4 sisters and I, we have 100 Net Mineral Acres of 200 Gross Acres now available near Tabor.

200.00 acres, more or less, being a part of the T.H. Barron Survey, A-5 and J.D. Allcorn Survey, A-60, in Brazos County, Texas, and being the same land described as Tracts 1 and 2 in that certain Warranty Deed with Vendor’s Lien, dated September 9, 1979 from William F. Osborn and wife, Ana Gardner Golston Osborn, as grantors, to Otis L. McDonald, as grantee, and recorded in Volume 433, Page 537, of the Official Records of Brazos County, Texas.



773-200AcresOsborn100NMA.jpg (75.8 KB)

The answer to your question is yes, but as you can imagine it has slowed significantly. Hawkwood, Juneau, and Eli Rebich seem to come up the most often. Surprisingly a little Halcon. There are some others, but I don't know about your area. You can sign up for Lease Alert and do some searching for your Survey to see who has been leasing.

Thank You!!