10 acres Grady County

Anyone know of any good landman to call for information before I sign papers with Continental Resources for divisional orders… the royalty’s are close to nothing and they won’t tell me about current lease if any because my grandmother died in 1998 it’s been unclaimed since then! My section is 10 6n 5w any help or information would be great thanks all …

I can't recommend one at the moment but I'm sure some other owner's probably can. The landman I hired was highly recommended but part way into the project dropped the ball and now won't reply to my requests for status, a very frustrating experience when you're trying to sell your minerals and get information on work you're paying for! So, I could tell you who NOT to hire! I'd say shop around, get some GOOD advice, and check out people as best you can. Even with that you can still get a lemon like I have.

Thanks so much for the advice! Sorry your having trouble and no luck! I’d suggest that if you paid him and your not getting what you paid for then sue him/or company.. anyways best of luck to you

I know that can be frustrating. Unfortunately, most companies will place any funds in suspense until you sign the DO. I would request a copy of the lease or try and get one from the courthouse. I would also request that Continental Resources inform you of the net acres they have on their title opinion. You will be able to figure out royalty based on unit size, royalty your grandmother signed for, and net acres Good luck!