10-2N-11E, 15-2N-11E Coal county activity

I recently received a notice that a judge has signed off to allow fracking on this tract. Offers to buy started arriving today. Does anyone have More info on what’s happening here? Many thanks, John D

If you are a mineral owner and your name and address are properly filed with the clerk of deeds in Coal County, then you should have received a lot of paperwork from the Oklahoma Corporation Commission. The judge ruled that drilling can commence on two additional horizontal wells going across the two sections. Fracking is the completion technique. There are already horizontal wells in both sections.

It is typical to get offers once an increased density order comes out. I ignore them since I would prefer to get the revenue from the wells myself.

Are you in section 10 or 15 or both? You should already be getting royalties from the current wells. If you did not get the OCC packet, then contact the following and also file in the courthouse.

TRINITY OPERATING (USG), L.L.C. 1717 S. BOULDER AVE., SUITE 201 TULSA, OKLAHOMA 74119 Contact Name: BENJAMIN J. BROWN Contact Phone: 918-779-6047

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