1-27H "The Beast"

Hello, I'm new to the group and I have little knowledge of oil & gas production. I would like to know if anyone knows the status of well 1-27H in section 27 of Pawnee 23N, 4E. I've filled out and submited my division order about two months ago, but have heard no more from PetroQuest.

Also, Red Fork has paid me seismograph fees for section 27 of Pawnee 20N, 5E. However, I have a producing stripper well on this tract. Does this mean Red Fork has aquired this well? It has been producing for aprox. 15 years. My only contacts have been routine royalty from Sunoco. Thanks

Hi Mark.

I'm not able to answer your question, just a novice in my ramp up of understanding all this. My property is in sec 16, Pawnee 22N, 4E, although I live in Texas right now. They've just finished a hole on sections 13 and 14 and have started drilling on 15.

My mother's a Heisler and went up for a gathering a couple weeks ago. She also drove around and took pictures of some of the drilling activity. One picture is of a tank 'farm' (?) a couple miles north of hwy 15 on 3450road. Here's the coordinance if ya want to plug it into google maps: 36.428979,-96.854106

I heard there was a very good hole up there somewhere when I 1st started diving into learning and was thinking those tanks are probably it. Is that yours? Is that known as 'The Beast'? :~} if so, GRATS