1.25 acres 158n 95w 25

Hi I inherited mineral rights for 1.25 acres in Williams Co. 158 N 95 w section 25 I’ve been offered $4,500 per acre. Is this reasonable or should I wait until value goes up?

Best way to figure out if you are getting a good offer is to solicit a second opinion. There are lots of reputable buyers out there.

Before you consider selling, you need to get very informed about what you have.

You need to contact the current operator and get into pay status on the wells that already exist. They do not know about you unless you contact them and provide your change of title information. Hess Bakken Investments

You may want to wait until the six-eight wells that just got permitted get finished. You may have some nice royalties coming in. That is what the buyer wants and they usually start with low offers.

Thanks so much! Hard to know what to do sometimes. So I appreciate all the advice.

6 wells drilled and maybe online soon. Its a really low ball offer. My guess will be that you will have 5,000 pr. acre in 6 months in royalty when they are online. I will not sell for under 15,000 pr. acre. I have offers to sell acres in a section and right now its 20,000 pr. acre.

Where do those 6 wells cover? I am in township 156 range 99 sections 18 and 19

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