1-14N-17W Custer County

We have just been made an offer by Citizen's Energy to lease our minerals. Does anyone know what a good lease offer would be in this section?

We are at 21-33, 14N-16W. Just south west of you and have multiple leases from 800 to 1200 per acre.

Then I guess $1500/acre is pretty good. Thanks

Might check this website.


1/8th or 3/16ths or 1/5th or 1/4th royalty?

Makes a difference.

We spoke to an agent for Citizen about leasing our acreage in 14N-17W and were told they are only taking leases in our section that are brought to them by a certain law firm, Graft & Walraven. We are not interested in involving this law firm in leasing our minerals, but would be interested in leasing. Is anyone aware of any other companies leasing in this area? The agent confirmed that Citizen is paying $1000/ac for 3/16th royalty for a 3-year term in this area.

We leased our mineral rights in Section 1, 14N, 17W in 02/18 for $1500/acre, 3 years, and 3/16ths. It was leased to Citizen Energy and the lease was returned to MidCon Land Management in Edmond. Don't know if that is helpful or not.

Thanks for the info Oneida-- it is helpful!