06N 04W Section 28

Does anyone know what is going on here in this section? My friend leased a couple of months ago from Mustang. She received some other offers after signing that lease. The offers were $4,000 an acre to sell, don't remember the company name on that one. But also to lease at $2,000 an acre from Echo Energy@ 3/16 royalty interest. That seems like a high offer on a lease. Of course she's pissed off because her lease that she sighed was for $200. an acre @3/16 royalty interest. So is a well going to be drilled here?

Echo is a relatively new group that is offering above trend on tracts they really want. It is a little too soon to tell, but I suspect that there will be a Woodford horizontal well in that tract soon.

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Maybe you can explain something to me that I don't really understand. I have mineral interests in section 25 but was told I am held by production that is why I have never received any lease offers. Still learning lots about my inheritance, anyhow that well hasn't produced since 2012, it's the McKinnon 1-25 one. So why is it referenced as an active well on the OCC site and the OTC site.????????? It's not active in my opinion!!!

Also would you know if a change of address @ the county clerk office in McClain needs it notarized and to record it $13.00 for first page of Will and $2.00 for each one thereafter? To me that seems ridiculous when it is recorded already under my Father's estate with me listed. For me to inform them that I don't live at that address from the probate will in 1992 and have it notarized and then recharged to file the same pages from the will seems redundant. But that is what the lady @ their office told me. She was kinda hateful also. Did not know all this 22 years ago, you probably figured that out by now. I've learned soooo much from this website & couldn't have done what I've done about some back pay and all without all of you guys & gals.

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Sandra, I think you might want to cough up that money and get your address corrected. I know it is a pain, but I think you may want to get it cleared up. You may be owed on some other wells in that section depending upon the description of your mineral rights. Did you hunt the unclaimed funds website? If you want to friend me, I may be able to point you in the right direction. I think you may need to find that old lease as well…..

That section is getting some attention by Continental, so that may mean a Woodford well. Time to get the ducks in a row so you are ready.

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