06-07N-06W Grady Co. Heirs to minerals

I was contacted by a company out of Texas that said we may be heirs to mineral rights in Grady Co. Chickasha Oklahoma…upon completing the affidavit of heirship they can determine if we are the correct heirs then they will send a w-4 and a bonus check.and the information will be with the w-4. Me question is why would they be sending me a bonus check? I didn’t agree or didn’t sell anything… any ideas why ?


I believe you are an heir to the Stover interest as you set forth in the Affidavit you executed. The Stover interest was pooled last year by TPR out of Austin, TX. My guess is they are wanting to send you your share of pooling bonus $$$ as per the Order issued by the OCC.

Todd M. Baker

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If they do decide that you are an heir, then ask them for a copy of the paragraph of the title opinion that pertains to you so that you will have it for your records. You will possibly need it in the future.

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Todd, yes I’m a Stover heir… My problem is I did not know what a mineral interest was until last week. To say I have alot to learn is putting it mildly…This forum is a great source of information .I guess my problem is were do I begin and what needs to be done to transfer the title to the all heirs and in what order… My grandparents were married but the (m.r.) were in his name only and he died without a will in California… Do I file a petition for summary probate for minerals only in Oklahoma ? Will I need to file a title opinion with the petition. OVERWHELMED. By the way what’s happening in 06-07N06W. Please fill me in.

One of the attorneys on the site may be able to comment officially, but since he died without a will in California, you will have to file under the intestate rules of California for him. And then you will have to file for her portion next. Once you have it straightened out in California, you will have to file a copy of the probate in OK in Grady County and then any other counties. Get some legal help. That is why having that title paragraph will be of some help. They may give you the bonus based upon it, but many companies will not give you the royalties from any wells unless they have a complete probate. Depends upon the operator.

In the meantime, breathe… TPR filed for pooling for 6-7N-6W in November a year ago. It finally got orders in February 2018. They have a horizontal well planned. Here are all the cases that you can look up on the OCC OAP website. Check the respondents lists for relatives names. Also the attorney that is handling the case. Use the case number to get all the documents that go with each case.

The well is called the Van Schuyver #1H-06-31. Look it up on the OCC well records site.
http://imaging.occeweb.com/imaging/OGWellRecords.aspx It spud on April 22, 2018. It had first sales on July 7, 2018. They are doing the Division Orders now to figure out who gets the royalties.
You can look up a bit of the production history on the OK tax site. Gross Production Use 31 08N 06W in the legal location box. That is the bottom hole location and the information is there.

Get moving on this so you can get those royalties in a timely manner.

201807035 Pooling TPR MID-CONTINENT, L.L.C. 8/30/2018 10/18/2018 Grady S:6, T:7N, R:6W ALL Order Issued Yes 685208
201704887 Pooling TPR MID-CONTINENT, L.L.C. 7/26/2017 11/28/2017 2/15/2018 11/28/2017 Grady S:6, T:7N, R:6W ALL Order Issued Yes 673692
201704886 Horizontal TPR MID-CONTINENT, L.L.C. 7/26/2017 11/28/2017 1/17/2018 11/28/2017 Grady S:6, T:7N, R:6W ALL Order Issued Yes 672215
201707266 Location Exception TPR MID-CONTINENT, L.L.C. 10/26/2017 11/28/2017 1/9/2019 11/28/2017 Grady S:6, T:7N, R:6W ALL Order Issued Yes 689359
201707264 Horizontal TPR MID-CONTINENT, L.L.C. 10/26/2017 11/28/2017 1/11/2019 11/28/2017 Grady S:6, T:7N, R:6W ALL Dismissed Yes 689563
201707265 Horizontal TPR MID-CONTINENT, L.L.C. 10/26/2017 11/28/2017 11/28/2017 Grady S:6, T:7N, R:6W ALL Pending Yes


Thank you for all the information, it’s alot to digest and it looks like I have alot to do. Your time and effort is appreciated more than you know…

Actually, if somebody died without a Will, the intestacy laws of Oklahoma will apply for property located here. This applies no matter where they lived. In short, you probably will not need to probate the estate is California the only assets are in Oklahoma. Usually, this requires a summary probate which can often be completed in 60-90 days from the signing of the paperwork. Richard Winblad, Attorney


Thank you for that clarification.

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I was recently contacted by a landman in OK. He asked me if I was the grandson of a certain man that had inherited some mineral rights in OK. He then asked if my grandfather was deceased. I told him yes, grandfather died in 1987, later his wife died, years later my mom died. He asked me to provide him with the 3 death certificates. He said that OK does not recognize probates from other states. He sent me 3 “Proof of Death & Heirship” affidavits to sign & notarize and (according to him), that’s all that is needed to sign a lease. He is working for Sundown Energy in Grady county.

The AOH will probably get the property leased. Be careful with granting leases without a check in hand.

Beware of Delivering Lease Without Payment:

Failure of a company to pay a lease bonus is a theme that has been raised in this forum far to often. Below are a few discussions on the topic. It is always best to exchange a lease for a check at the time of the transaction. This may not always be possible because of distance. In such cases it is probably better to have an escrow company or attorney to hold the lease until the consideration is paid.

Sometimes companies file leases without payment of bonuses.

There have been cases were companies take leases but never file them. They return the leases later stating that they were never funded by the company. In the meantime, the mineral owner cannot sign with another company.

It is much easier to prevent the issue than to remedy it after the fact.

Below is a sample of Nightmares:

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My question is when it comes to royalties being paid. If you are in the process of probating a will in Oklahoma do you lose your royaly payment?

From my personal experience … i learned of inherited mineral rights 2 years after the wells started producing. I did a probate which took 9 months , during the entire time the royalties were paid into an account under the deceased name . I was told that the energy companies hold royalties up to 5 yrs, then surrender to the state if no persons come forward . Probate finished i was cut a check and then set up a pay status for future . Good Luck , Get informed , is the most important thing.

Darrin Kay

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Thank you for the information every bit helps.

Hello Teresa19 the well you are referring to, the VanSchuyver 1H-06-31 is located on my property. TPR was the opporator now they have been aquired by Paloma. I had a good relationship with TPR but since Paloma has come along I dont even know who to talk to anymore. But I can say at one time the well was producing over 250 barrels of oil per day and just over 1 million cubic feet of gas per day. Strange thing is for the last two weeks it’s been completly shut in. It hasn’t produced anything as it is 100 percent off line and quiet. When I leased them the location it was actually agreed upon and written in the surface usage agreement for two well bores but only one was drilled and now it is shut in. TPR drilled another well on my property just before called the VanSchuyver 1H-25-24 S/E corner of section 25 T8N-R6W not that far away and it’s still flowing on it’s on no gas lift but actually makes about 100 barrels less per day in oil but about 1 million cubic feet per day more in gas than 1H-06-31. I dont know why they would have shut it in unless their was a problem that caused it to lose flow and they just havent gotten around to swabbing it to get it flowing again. Maybe someone on this sight could answer that? Anyway, hope that bit of info helps a little. Good luck on your minerals I have the same issue with minerals in McClain and Pontatoc County. If you find a good lawyer I could use a referal as I’m not having much luck either when it comes to oil and gas lawyers. Regards

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Drue has there been any activity since Paloma has taken over?

Dianak, What section, township and range?

Mrs. Barnes it is, Section-06-7N-6W

The operator will notify you if they have pending activity. Paloma is snowed under with the purchase of Travis Peak, so not moving quickly on new things.

Thank you for the information.