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I would say that we may be related. My great grandfather is buried in the McGraw cemetery. Was offered 250 an acre with a 20% share of production. New Smith well on Macedonia Rd is producing 1000+barrels a day currently.

Mr. McGraw:

I am a descendent of an Ester McGraw who married into the Cory's in Wilkinson county. The small piece of property that came down through our family is surrounded by McGraws, so I imagine we are distantly related.

Has the Smith well production been reported formally yet? Or is your information from a local source? Some of the property that I leased is right near the junction of Willie Neyland Rd. and Hiram McGraw road, which I believe is near Macedonia road.

Have you leased your property yet? or are you holding out for some better offers? With all the activity you might be able to get some better offers, but MS force pooling laws are real tough on the mineral owner and the oil companies know it.

We must be related. I also have some Cory’s in my family. Related to the Neyland’s too.most of long time residents in area are related in some way. I am related to the McGraw 's that are around your property. Smith well has not been published yet. But. have good source on production figures. Have not received offer on paper yet. Big concern is the 2500+ truckloads of fracting liquids it takes to complete a well .

Mr. McGraw:

Yes we must be. From what I can tell, one side of the McGraw's and a portion of the Cory's all have the common ancestors of Robin White in their family tree's. The Robin White cemetery is on our land in Wilkinson County and was part of the original homestead. All around are McGraw's and Neylands and we are related to them.

At the end of the day it is going to be the cost of these wells that either makes or breaks them I do believe. It seems Goodrich is getting better at them, so if they can reduce costs, which sadly includes leasing costs, then I think the area will develop.

Also key in this is that the price of oil remain high. As there are more wells producing in the area some of the costs will naturally decrease. I would think that we need to see some consistent high BPD results from several wells to really get things moving.

Robin White was my 4X great grandfather. His daughter married Hiram McGraw who is my 2X grandfather. My family tree crosses a couple of times due to marriage of the McGraws, Whites, Neylands,McCraines, and Shropshires. the real worry is how many actual wells that they will drill from one well site with lateral drilling they could have as many as 4-8 laterals from the wellsite. Plus having all the associated equipment on site for many years.

This is some info I plotted in Google Earth of the current well locations relative to our property.

As with most folks that live in this area, there probably is a distant relationship to one another. Just wish I had been able to keep up with all my relatives that live in this area. As you can see below I too have a distant relationship to the McGraw's through my grandmother on my daddy's side.

Mr. McKey:

That is a great post with the picture, that really clears things up for a Wilkinson county neophyte like myself in terms of what is where. I wish I could have seen that months ago.

We are also related, just like with R. McGraw. I did a quick look back at it goes to Robin White why by his second wife had two children, Mary and Archie. I am a descendent of Archie whose daughter married a Cory and I believe you Mr. McGraw tie in via Mary who married a McGraw.

Small internet world.

I wonder what other activity is planned for the area around Woodville and Centreville?

I have mineral rights interests in Wilkinson Co. I need to get a copy of the deed from sale of the land when 1/2 of mineral rights were retained. My grandmother Katherine Mosson Pitcher sold the land several years ago. It includes part or all of receiver plantation in the southwest corner of the county. Where would I go to find a copy of the deed?

Mr. Holley:

You would need to go to the Chancery Clerks Office in Woodville and track it through those books they have.

Recently received a letter from Lucy land and minerals wanting to buy our mineral rights in Wilkinson Co. Noticed someone else had received same inquiry in another area of the county. This may be a shotgun approach by this company to try to buy rights at bargain prices. Have not gotten a quote from them but wonder if anyone else has had offers for rights or has interests in T1N R4W or T1N R5W in the southwestern part or the county. I would appreciate any information about activity in this area. We currently have a lease in effect on part of our property for 2 more years. Don't know if any actual activity is being done on it since we live in the far opposite corner of the state.

I have been getting the same letters from the same company just about every month. It's definitely a shotgun approach. I have been throwing them away. I have been seeing many posts saying that 2014 may be a make-or- break year for the TMS in Mississippi. We have small interests scattered all over Wilkinson County. Much of it has been leased on 3 year leases with a 2 year option to extend. Some of the primary terms expire next year so it will be time for the energy companies to "put up or shut up." I am reading what I can find on the internet from the primary players and waiting. From what I can tell, many millions of dollars have been committed to drilling operations in this TMS area next year. Right now the activity is modest. Next year it should be much more. Stay tuned........

Any current activity by Encana in Wilkerson county. My lease is up for renewal but amm locked in to old agreement of 200 an acre this will expire March 2017.

had a family member offered 400 and acre to sell his share in wilkerson county what is going on in the are near centerville

Goodrich is going to drill a well off of Macedonia Road close to the Willie Neyland junction. they have been leasing this area heavily last year. Lucy Land is sending letters out to land owners wanting to BUY mineral rights not lease. Don't make a mistake and sell your mineral rights away. this is going to be a boom area in the next 2 years. May well be like North Dakota before it ends.

Our land is the old McCraine place S-25, T-2N, R 1E AND SEC-28, T-2N AND R 1-E bENN A LONG TIME SINCE i WAS OUT THAT WAY.

Anything new on the Pintard 28h-1 and possibility of Pintard 28h-2

Pintard 28; #1 had a hydraulic fracturing approved on April 29th. #2 has not spud yet.

Thank you for the response on the Pintards.

Have been receiving numerous letters with offers to purchase the mineral rights for family property in Wilkinson Co. I am not going to sell away my mineral rights for any price at this time.