Western Beckham county minerals

Roughly how much would 16 mineral acres in Beckham Co be worth?

Questions like this need are very hard to answer. Legal descriptions are more helpful.

Ok here are the legal descriptions 1.). 6.6 mineral acres under E/2 NW/4 and E/2 SW/4 of section 7 township 10N range 26 WIM and Lots 3&4 of section 18 township10N range 26WIM and the east 11 acres of lots 3&4 of section 13 township 10N range 27 WIM

2.) 2.2 mineral acres under (S/2 NW/4 of section 32 township 11N range 25 WIM

3.) 6.6 mineral acres under S/2 SW/4 and the W/2 SE/4 of section 32 township 11N range 25 WIM

4.) 6.6 mineral acres under Lot 4 SW/4 NW/4 and the W/2 SW/4 of section 5 township 10N range 25 WIM

5.) 10 mineral acres under N/2 SW/4 and NW/4 SE/4 of section 1 township 10N range 26 WIM

6.) 3 mineral acres under S/2 NE/4 and SE/4 of section 31 township 11 range 25 WIM

Lots of old wells with depleted reservoirs. I own minerals in most of those sections & don’t think offers would be greater than $5-700/acre. I could be wrong.