Washington County Texas Oil and Gas Permits

December 11, 2018



December 17, 2018


December 18, 2018


December 21, 2018


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January 22, 2019


Good Afternoon , Would you have any information regarding the Mackey IH well that Geosouthern is operating near Burton, Texas ? Thank you !

Hello Beth. I’m assuming you mean the Malkey 1H well…at this time I find no completion report or production data…document says that it is a shut-in-producer. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help to you.


Clint Liles

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Thank you so much! Clint, would we a shut in well actually mean for us who are part of the mineral rights on the Malkey Geosouthern well? The traffic and equipment coming in and out on Old Mill Creek road from Burton is non stop. It seems like lots is happening, but I do not know what. I sure do appreciate your help , Clint!

Does anyone have any updates on a Geo southern’s Hielscher unit?

Geosouthern is about finished building a drill site on Maass Road just south of Zionsville and just filed permits for two wells there called the Longhorns and Razorbacks. They had moved the rig they had perviously been using in Washington County over to Fayette Co. to drill two wells south of Round Top.

I’m assuming it will be coming back to the new pad on Maass Road. No guess where it might go from there. They’ve had a pad waiting on Boundary School Road for nearly a year and along with the Hielscher have permits for three other wells approved that they haven’t built pads for yet.

thanks Dusty for info. forgive me if my post/question was duplicated.


I had missed it but Geosouthern is well underway on building the pad where they have permits to drill the Hielscher and two other wells called the Burton and the Oliver. The Burton will extend west like the Hielscher but go right under “downtown” Burton, and the horizontal leg of the Oliver will extend east nearly to Willow Springs Road. The entry road to the pad isn’t marked and is hard to see from 290 but it’s at the top of a hill just east of the highway across from the turn off that goes by the American Legion hall.

It looks like they have finished the dirt work except for stabilizing and I saw at least two stakes in the ground but didn’t go far enough to see if names are on them. I’m still guessing GS will drill the two wells off Maass Road first because they are already drilling a water well there but it looks like a rig could be coming to this site next. If they follow the pattern they used on several of their other wells a portable rig may be brought in to spud and set surface casing and it could take a while longer before the big walking type rig is moved in that they use when they are drilling multiple wells on the same pad.