Township 7 North, Range 3 West


Ms. Barnes - Thank you for pulling all this info together… My holdings are in the S 1/2 of the SE/4 of the SE/4 and the SW/4 of the SE/4 so if I am following the legals correctly, they are not near or part of the well spacing info you provided or what Okland pooled. Altho, I gotta admit the spacing thing is something I don’t really understand… Thank you, again. Teddie


David - Fillmore has strung me along for over 80 days… Still don’t know what they are up to… Thanks for sharing your dealings with Fillmore - my dealings have been a nightmare, also… Teddie


Check your lease documents. If you signed a draft payment letter, it will have the timing on it for payment.


Ms. Barnes - Thank you… The draft payment letter says, “Upon receipt of this agreement, we will verify your interest within 30 business days and send an Oil and Gas Lease to you; within 10 business days subsequent to the return of your properly executed lease will we will issue you a bonus payment check.”

I mailed the signed draft payment letter on June 29. They should have received it July 2. They received the lease on July 30… Teddie


We are about to receive our first royalty check for our minerals. Those of you who have been down this road, any advice? Is it wise to have outside accountant check the numbers against the state numbers? At this point it could be so small that it wouldn’t warrent that. We have no idea how simple or complex the invormation will be. Any information or advice is welcomed, Thank you , Mary Ellen


Mrs. Streck:

Wait until you get your first check, review it, then if you have specific questions, come back to the forum. All of your questions, if any, can be addressed specifically, instead of overly broad statements…

Todd M. Baker


Thanks Mr Baker, we will do that. We were trying to get ahead of ourselves, I suppose. Mary Ellen


I had a lease for the Brody back in 2012 I believe,Its still paying me around 25 dollars a year,but Fillmore says 2.11 MA of the 3.03 I leased is available for lease but I dont believe anything they say.I have been contacted by 2 other oil companies about leasing it but after a couple of weeks they both said they are not interested in leasing 20-7-3.Makes me think im HBP.


The Brody is on 80 acre spacing. Depending upon the shape of your acreage and your previous lease, you may or may not be open. There has been a lot of leasing in that section over the last 24 months. Call Fillmore back and have them explain which part of your acreage is open. Then you will be ready if someone else offers.