Stephens County Oklahoma Sec 25, 2S, 4W any leasing activity, rates?


Looking for leasing activity rates.


Current leasing companies are Continental Resources, Rock Cree Ranch 1 LLC, Echo Operating.
Most recent pooling was for SE4 SE4 19 for $250 3/16th for 40 ac spacing. Small outfit. Continental is drilling horizontals in 34, 35, 36 near you.


Thanks much.


I have just signed in and am unsure where I should put my inquiry, so I started here because the section about which I am inquiring is near Kent Baxter’s holding: Section 23-01S-04W. I have received an offer to buy mineral rights and possibly non-participating royalty interests in Section 23. I cannot evaluate the reasonability of the offer without knowing more about activity in the area, bonuses being paid versus fractional interests in production, likelihood of drilling in the near term, etc. I am in Mississippi. Any mineral or non-participating royalty interest would probably go back to the 1940s and would be scattered among the descendants of Robert D. Sanders. There may be interests in other section and each of the individual holdings may be vanishingly small. I guess what I am trying to figure out is whether the holdings are significant enough to .warrant a trip to Stephens County or the hiring of a local landman to sort it out. Any enlightenment will be appreciated. The size of the offer suggests not all of the holdings are vanishingly small.


I would hire a reputable local landman to do the search for you. I am in a similar boat in that I needed help tracking down all my interests and marketing them. I could never have tracked it all down on my own in the stacks of books at the courthouse. Good landmen have noses for these things and depending on how many sections you are talking about you can negotiate a reasonable daily rate for them to run down your net mineral acre ownership so that you are informed when negotiating. Just my two cents but I am very much a novice. The team I am working with is fantastic and has taught me a lot.


sandersdaR, I have mineral rights in 20 and 21 -01S-04W. I leased my Section 20 to TODCO for $5000/MRA and 3/16. I am collection bids for my Section 21 right now. Cheyanne has applied for S16 and S21 for relief for drilling and spacing in S21. It appears there is a good bit of activity in and around those sections. Go to and type in the section/township/range your are interested in and take a look for activity there.


You should be able to get close to $2000/acre with a 25% royalty.

Todd M. Baker


I have interests in S25-1S-4W and have received offers in September 2018 for: $2500/acre + 1/8th royalty or $2000/acre + 3/16ths royalty or $1750/acre + 1/5th royalty or $0/acre + 1/4th royalty or

Of course this is just what they are offering. You can always comeback with a counter offer.


Any drilling in Sec. 26, 1 North, 4 West in Stephens County?


There was a case for a location exception back in August 2018 by ENECO and 89 Energy, but it was dismissed, so no drilling at the moment. Would have been a well in 25 & 26. There are wells nearby you in 15& 27, 25& 24, so maybe time will tell.


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