Section 7, One South, Three West



Martha Barnes: missed you in San Antonio ( I couldn’t make it due to my wife’s heath) but was there in spirit. sounds like the HOD had a lovely debate. Say interest in our leased minerals in Carter County section 7, one south, three west has heated up with two companies trying to buy our minerals. they were leased in the early fifties and have been held by production since then. Echo and Rosemary are seemingly eager. I suppose either one will try to force Citation (who operates the Franklin Unit) to drill or drop the deep? I believe there is a legitimate Sycamore and Woodford prospect in this area. wondering what you hear? As always thanks for your learned comments David Hawk

This part of Carter is heating up for horizontal drilling under some of the old shallow fields. The deeper drilling is for Sycamore and Woodford -at least in section 8 & 5 next to you. I am holding onto my acreage near you.

Martha do you hear any news about Citation being forced to drill or drop the deep in this area?

There are already cases pending for section 7 to drill deeper.

Do you know who is making the application or the case number? I think the shallow production is Deese and Hoxbar but not sure what other if any formations are productive int he Franklin Unit. thank you

201805895 and 96 are the pending cases

Dhawk, I have this as well…

Martha: I have received a letter from Matt Holliman of Needham Energy Land Services acting as the representative for Energy II and Eneco and ("*( II/ Eneco") for the purpose of sending well proposals and receiving elections for the the proposed horizontal Sycamore Well to be drilled in Section 7, One South, three West, Carter County. We h ave received no force pooling notice or application to drill from the potential operators. And we have tried to reach Mr. Holliman at his number but no return of calls as yet. As you may recall we have a 0ne-eighth royalty from the lease my father granted back in (I think) 1951 or 1948 and production under that lease is still occurring with Citation as the operator. Several questions arise…is the Sycamore thick enough in this area and structurally “flat” enough over the section to justify a horizontal versus a straight hole and no mention of a Wodford test at this time??? Has Citation dropped the deep rights or farmed out their leases to 89 ENERGY II LLC? The well is titled Wild Bill 0103 6-7-1sh. I remember you too have minerals in this section…any clues as to where Citation is on all this? Thanks for your help David

I suspect that is a “courtesy” letter. Check your old lease to see if holds you to depth. See if you have any unitization agreements in your paperwork. Some folks are held by old pooling and some are held by leases. I see lots of lease activity, so those old pooling were for shallow horizons and folks have deeper ones open to lease. Not sure if Citation has dropped out their deep minerals. I would be holding them if I were them. They are on the respondents lists for the upcoming wells. They can continue to produce the shallow wells. Not sure how many of the Franklin Unit and CountyLine Unit wells are still online, but they may be in other sections still holding the shallow rights by the unit agreement. There is at least one well still reporting production. T. Miller as of May 2019. Dean’s Well Servicing Inc. is the operator.

Echo Operating had their two cases dismissed. Rumor has it that they sold all their interest to Continental.

89 Energy and Eneco LLC has four cases pending.
201903485 Loc Exc,

201903484 Horizontal Drilling and spacing in the Caney, Sycamore, Woodford, and Hunton. My guess is that they really want the Woodford.

201904970 Loc Exc-new one for a well with 6 & 7.

201904969 Horizontal This one lists the thickness of all the reservoirs. Scroll down to the end to see the location of the planned well.

You should have gotten all the above cases from the OCC.

Thank you Martha…will search further with the case numbers you provided. I believe our old lease was a straight with no to the depth drilled clause and there are still a number of producing wells in the Franklin Unit and Citation is operating. By the Way they enclosed an AFE for 3mm dry and 7.4mm complete.with options to participate or lease for 2500/acre with a one-eighth or 2000 with a 3/16 th or 1500 with an 20 % or 1000 with a 22%.
Anything going on in section 6 of one south three west?Any current production? thanks again

That was the courtesy letter. I usually just file them. Section has pending activity as well. Maybe the combo well with 7, maybe not. Time will tell.