Section 5-18N-12W Blaine County

Crawley Petroleum reached out to me mentioning they are drilling in Blaine County. The offers for leasing were 3 year, $600 per acre at 3/16th OR $450 per acre at 1/5th.

Has anyone received other offers? Is this a decent offer?

Thanks! David

Last OCC activity in the township was in 2020-21 by Staghorn. They were in sec 31 & 33, They are back leasing in 33 this year.

Crawley has filed a few leases in section 6 at 3/16ths and 1/5th. Derby is leasing in sec 15 @ 1/5th.

If you have not leased for a while, it would be wise to get an oil and gas attorney to look over any draft leases. Most of them are not in the mineral owner’s favor and need some critical edits.

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Thank you for the information and your advice. It has been a bit since we’ve leased. I will begin a search for a reputable oil and gas attorney.