Section 36 of 1N 5W Stephens County

I own a small amount of minerals in 12-1S-5W. Last July(2019), Marathon filed for a permit to drill two wells and shortly afterward filed two notifications of well spud for a well in 36-1N-5W . The 2 wells were to drill southerly across the Base Line into Sections 1 and 12 of 1S-5W from each well.

No additional documents have been filed on the OCC website, at least none this amateur can find. Anyone have any thoughts or information about what could be going on??

When the wells come online, you will be able to find them on the tax roles. Parks 0105 1-1-12MXH and 2-1-12MXH.

It probably took about five months to drill and complete if not more since there were two long wells from the same surface pad. They had to drill both and then hydraulically fracture both in a zipper fracture. The tax site is usually about four months behind, so you might see something about March or April with first production numbers. Eventually, the OCC site will post as well. It can run four-five months behind.

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Martha, thank you so very much for your response and complete explanation. I really appreciate it and I appreciate the appropriate link to OTC. I’ll check every week or so on those two sites you mentioned.


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