Sec 6 and 19 T09N R04W Warhawk 0631 DO?

Has anyone received a Division Order for the Warhawk 0631 ? Looks like the 1H started production in Feb 2019 and the sisters in Sept 2019. I didn’t see a first sale date. It is EOG and they may be late??? I haven’t heard anything yet…

Yes I have received division order and first payments on the first well-sisters should start paying March or April I expect. But they were late on first well so…who knows! If you have not been paid I would contact EOG.

Thanks for the information!!! Do you remember when you received the Division Order ? I ask because I have an Attachment A on my lease which EOG has to do special procedures --it appears — so maybe that is slowing i down a month or two?

I will have to check date-I will get back to you on that!

Bud, On the Warhawk, I received my Division order last August. I am,however, still waiting on my interest due for initial payment being late. They do seem to move slowly. I have had best success emailing them vs. calling.

I had a 4 well unit drilled by Trinity in Oklahoma that took 3 years from IP to get paid back revenue + 12% interest. It was annoying, but in the end it worked out fine. Where else can you loan money out at no risk and get 12% interest.

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I called EOG and received a very friendly call from them. He said they were waiting on a Title Opinion from attorneys before they would send out the DO… He gave me a number and asked me to call back March/April 2020 if I haven’t heard anything by then. You are correct one can not beat 12% interest on this. It does take awhile; however, for the interest also. I have another that started first sale 12/2018 and EOG says they haven’t started doing the interest for that one yet( I called about the interest)( I am receiving production royalties now). But they are very friendly when they call me back ( but I guess very busy)

Would you mind sharing the email address you used? I am still waiting for division orders for Warhawk 0631. Thanks.

Instructions on the EOG division order indicate to email inquiries to: LandAdm_CallCenter@EOGResources Phone inquiries to: 833-430-2550

Thank so much, Debbie. I appreciate your help.

I am also waiting – when I contacted EOG earlier this month they indicated they were waiting on a Title Opinion from the lawyers, and expected to hear something in March. We should get some months of interest because of this delay. The number to call and start the inquiry is 877-363-3647. It takes several days for them to return messages/calls, but they do return them. Let me know if you get some updated info. Thanks These wells cover two sections, so the Mineral Owners are in the hundreds - I bet

Thanks, Bud. For several months we have been told by EOG they are waiting for a title opinion on our interest; however, I have been reassured the title is clear by the the title company working for them!

Don’t forget to ask for interest when the payments do start. I have another well that I have been waiting for an interest payment for 5 months now. So they are not real speedy on the interest payments. At least the Royalty payments have started

Will do! Thanks for the advice. I appreciate it.

Still waiting for DO/royality on the Warhawk – Since the first sale on #1 is 2/2019 – that would be at least 6 months interest at this point ? The #2 - #4 first sale is Sept/2019 , so it looks like we are just going beyond the 6-months for them…

Effective first production if not paid in 180 days. Compounded annually. 12% if good title.

Keep after them-I have received payment now on all 3 wells. Would think they should now be able to catch up on paperwork with the slow down-hopefully!

Most of them are not in the office any longer. It may be a long wait.

I have emailed EOG twice and called once. I finally received a return phone call today. The way I understood it, until all owners’ titles are clear, no division orders will be mailed out. From reading other posts though, it seems that some Warhawk owners are receiving payment. Was I just getting the run around? I am in pay status. Thanks for any help you can give me.

Nancy- that isn’t correct or they would never pay on any well. Send them a letter with all your information, address, tax id# & request payment with statutory interest. Send certified so you know they get it. EOG has been notoriously slow.